So This is the PS5? Alright Then


Today is the day we got to see the PS5. A brand new console, the likes of which haven’t been seen since, erm, 2016 with the launch of the PS4 Pro. We’ve already seen the controller, which was strikingly similar to the PS4’s, but now we finally get to see the console. And it turns out there are two of them.

Sony actually revealed very little about the console during the presentation, instead focussing on some of the game that will be coming to the console over the next few years. But we did get to look at the thing, and it’s… something.

You know how concept artists draw up weird ideas of what products may look like months, and even years before it gets revealed? Getting those vibes here, with a console design that looks almost like it’s an accessory for EVE from Wall-E.

Oh and there’s two, because following on from Microsoft’s example we’re getting a PS5 with a disc drive and a PS5 that’s purely digital.

And naturally here it is from a a different standing position, because not everyone is going to want a vertical console when most of the consoles we’ve had throughout the years are more like horizontal boxes.

Honestly it looks even weirder that way. But at least it looks more interesting than the fridge-like design of the Xbox Series X. If having something that’s aesthetically interesting is important, looks like the PS5 is definitely the system for you.

And of course it’s coming with matching accessories, like a special 3D audio headset, an HD camera, a fancy charging dock, and a media remote. Presumably they’ll all be sold separately, and no doubt third party companies will have cheaper, though slightly less matching, alternatives.

But what about the thing itself, what does it do? We don’t know a whole lot, but based on tonight’s presentation we can be certain that the PS5 has 3D audio, and an 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player (assuming you get the one with the disc drive). Plus stuff we definitely knew about before like ray tracing, an SSD, and a bunch of controller details that have been outlined a few months back.

Specifically that the controller has adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, USB-C, a built-in microphone and speaker, a 3.5mm headphone jack (because those aren’t always a given these days) and motion sensors. Oh and the 3D audio works through the controller, from what I gathered.

No word on pricing or availability, though despite the COVID shutdowns Sony has insisted the PS5 will still be arriving before the end of the year.


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