Spiked drink crimes have doubled since 2018 as 25 people a week fall victim


SPIKED drink crimes have doubled in two years, figures show.

Victims of both sexes suffered rapes, assaults or thefts. Many had no recollection of events.

Police data for England and Wales shows 958 alleged spiked drink crimes, up from 739 in 2018 and 467 in 2017. The figure covers 33 of 44 forces so the real total is likely to be around 1,300 cases, or 25 people a week.

Our probe exposed disturbing cases where people — nearly always women — had drinks spiked, often in nightspots. Surrey police dealt with most drink spiking attacks, 149. West Yorks cops were next with 102.

Rape Crisis England & Wales, called the figures “very concerning”, urging that “pubs and bars take a zero tolerance approach”.

The Centre for Crime Prevention urged people to report suspected spikings.

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