Spotlight: “China through Israeli Eyes” photo exhibition encourages Israelis to visit China


by Xinhua writer Chen Wenxian

JERUSALEM, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — A photo exhibition themed “China through Israeli Eyes”, held in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, has attracted more than 200 Israeli viewers.

The exhibition, held on Wednesday evening, displayed 30 photos selected from about 1500 photos taken by Israeli tourists during their visits to China. China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv started to collect these photos in November.

The photos demonstrate China’s amazing landscapes in urban and rural areas, as well as Chinese people and their colorful lives, said Tao Chen, director of China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.

Cultural exchanges, a significant part of the cooperation between China and Israel, help enhance mutual understanding, trust and friendship between the two peoples, noted Tao.

“Frequent cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Israel reflect the friendly relations of our two countries,” he added.

Through an online voting, three photos finally won the first, second and third prize respectively. And the rewarding ceremony was also held on Wednesday evening.

A photo depicting an old Chinese lady cleaning rice from chaff in a traditional way in her home, taken by Amnon Eichelberg in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, won the first prize.

Eichelberg told Xinhua that he visited China for three times, including two tours to Guangxi. Eichelberg said the old Chinese lady he and his wife met randomly invited them to her home.

“It is very interesting to me and the photo tells the story of her life,” said Eichelberg.

China changes a lot every year and it is interesting to see both modern and traditional elements in China, Eichelberg said. “China is very big and I would like to see other places.”

Shimon and Dina Yona, a couple in their 70s, said the photos reminded them of the memories about their China tour 15 years ago.

China has changed totally compared with 15 years ago, they said. “China is very interesting and the people are also becoming more open-minded. So now we have to learn more about China.”

A performance featuring Chinese ethnic songs, dances and instrumental music was also staged at the event.

The exhibition was hosted by China Cultural Center and Israel’s well-known tourism website Lameteyal. This is the third event they co-hosted this year.

Itamar Barak, chief editor of Lametayel Website Group, said that in an event called “Yella China” months ago, five famous bloggers each won a chance to visit a Chinese city. The Israeli bloggers then posted about their lively experiences in China in details.

Dorel Sivan, one of the five bloggers, visited Lanzhou, the capital of northwest China’s Gansu Province. “It was a very nice experience visiting China,” said Sivan.

Sivan said China surprised him in many ways, such as the hospitable people and the amazing nature. “I would love to go back to China. There are so many places that I’m curious about,” said Sivan.


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