Students at St Catherine’s in Toorak, Melbourne tell girl to drink her urine because it cures acne


A group of ‘mean girls’ at an exclusive $33,000-a-year private school have been terrorising classmates and teachers.

During an out-of-school camp the girls, who attend St Catherine’s in Melbourne, allegedly convinced a girl to drink her own wee.

The Christian boarding school students told the victim the urine would cure her acne late last year, the Herald Sun reported. 

When the camp learned about the alleged incident, the school was told not to come back. 

Once back on school grounds, the girl-gang tore down fresh wallpaper and smeared blood all over the walls. 

Students and parents were left shocked and disgusted by the behaviour. The police are not involved.

Principal Michelle Carroll said she was aware of the ‘student issue’.  

‘The school takes a strong stance with regard to any peer interactions that are not in keeping with the values of the school,’ she told the publication. 

‘The school responded at the time and the students involved were counselled in accordance with our established protocols.

‘The school will not comment further on this matter.’  

St Catherine’s, which is known for its ‘reputation as a leader in girls’ education’, boasts of ’empowering’ its students.

‘St Catherine’s is committed to nurturing and empowering independent and globally responsive young women, enabling them to approach all their endeavours with confidence, wisdom and integrity,’ their website reads.



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