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Students’ fury over being forced to live off ham sandwiches and croissants in lockdown


STARVING students say they are being forced to live off out of date bread rolls and noodles amid the chaotic uni halls lockdown.

Students at Pollock Hall, Edinburgh University also claimed Muslim and veggie students were supplied with ham sandwiches and bacon crisps while another fresher says he lost more than half a stone due to the measly meals.

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“Prisoners” of Pollock Hall at Edinburgh Uni in Scotland joke their accommodation is “the UK’s most expensive prison” and describe a threatening atmosphere with cops on campus as they’re forced to isolate for two weeks.

Police Scotland confirmed police were in attendance at the halls on Saturday – but insisted officers were not enforcing lockdown measures and had been called to an erroneous fire alarm.

The students – locked up in their halls after a Covid outbreak – have complained about measly meals with inappropriate options being delivered to their isolation station, as well as stale rolls and nasty noodles.

Darcy Culverhouse, 18, who studies Social Anthropology at the uni told The Sun Online: “We’re paying seven-and-a-half grand for this accommodation and this service and [they]can’t even respond to student’s needs.”

Some of the more extreme claims – shared to Instagram feed Pollock Prisoner set up by the fed-up freshers – say people with dietary requirements are being delivered inappropriate food parcels and the tiny portions see students shedding pounds.

Darcy explained how one Muslim student, who is also a vegetarian, had to plead with pals to bring her food she could actually eat after receiving a delivery of ham sandwiches, bacon crips and chicken salad.

She said the teen was forced into quarantine after one person in her 18-strong halls tested positive and they were all forced to quarantine for two-weeks – with none allowed out to buy food.

It’s alleged the girl complained about her food but is yet to receive a response.

And another fresher claims to have lost more than half a stone due to the tiny portions served.

Pictures seen by The Sun Online show the three meals a day are packed into small brown paper bags and feature a sandwich, one piece of fruit and some crisps.

Another snap shows ramen that went out of date in July and a bread roll that went off yesterday.

Darcy also claims uni bosses have neglected to deliver the food parcels on “numerous occasions”.

She said: “People’s meals have been forgotten numerous times – people’s dinners, people’s breakfasts.”

Several local businesses have now stepped into offer delivery of halal and kosher meals to the students.

Darcy said her and her friends despair at their start to uni life, adding: “There has been a disregard for students’ mental wellbeing.

“Going to university is a daunting experience for anyone, let alone during these uncertain times.”

She continued: “Considering the university is supposed to have a system of care for their students, there has been a disregard for students’ mental well being with multiple strict emails being sent out, as well as fines being handed out.

“It is simply not an enjoyable environment to be in.”

The first year, from Stevenage, Herts describes how uni bosses are also handing out fines of up to £300 to students caught with more than two pals in their bedrooms.

She said scores of students – including herself – have been slapped with fines for being caught “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

According to the fresher, only a few people are allowed to mix at any one time – even in communal areas like the kitchen.

Darcy said: “Me and my neighbour have already been fined for having too many people in our room at one time.

“We’re freshers, we’re trying to make friends. University is obviously already daunting, [moving]out of home – we’re 18-years-old, we’re just trying to make friends.

She added: “We understand that there’s a pandemic going on but we’re obviously going to socialise with more than two people in our households.”

A spokesperson from The University of Edinburgh told The Sun Online: “University staff are working hard to provide care and support – including mental health support – for all students who are required to self-isolate by the Scottish Government.

“Catering staff will provide three meals a day for all students living in University-provided accommodation.

“These meals are available in vegan and gluten-free options to ensure that all dietary requirements are met.”



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