Suez Canal welcomes help from U.S., others to dislodge stuck cargo ship


CAIRO, March 26 (Xinhua) — The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said on Friday that it welcomes cooperation with the United States in dislodging the giant cargo ship that has blocked the course of the world’s busiest waterway since Tuesday, according to a statement released by the SCA.

The SCA also expressed gratitude for all the other offers of assistance to free the ship, reiterating its keenness to restore maritime traffic in the Suez Canal as soon as possible.

On Thursday, the authority said dredging operations were underway to float the stuck ship by removing 15,000 cubic meters to 20,000 cubic meters of sand surrounding the vessel’s bow.

It added the dredging operations, including nine tug boats, two dredges and four diggers, aim to reach a depth of 12-16 meters to resurface the 400-meter-long and 59-meter-wide vessel.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority has warned that a sea storm on Saturday and Sunday along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez could cause a delay in the dislodging work. Enditem


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