Supply of farm produce in Beijing increases rapidly


The market volume of vegetables in temporary trading venues for the Xinfadi market increased to 1.8 times that of the previous day, according to Beijing’s regular press conference on COVID-19 on June 15.

Since business at the Xinfadi wholesale market was suspended, the number of temporary trading venues has increased from five to six. As conditions at these venues continue to improve, they are becoming better known, and trade there is expected to continue rising.

On June 15, the temporary trading venues sold 1,800 tons of vegetables, which was 1.8 times that of the previous day. A total of 414 trucks selling fruit and vegetables traded in these venues, of which 294 were selling vegetables, marking an almost twofold increase compared with June 13.

The market volume of vegetables in other major wholesale markets across the city has also increased rapidly, with the supply gap in vegetables caused by the suspension of Xinfadi market being quickly remedied. The volume of vegetables sold in Beijing’s seven major wholesale markets increased by 5.5% compared with the previous day.

Large supermarket chains in Beijing have continued to purchase more fruit and vegetables from other provinces, and are working hard to prevent price hikes in stores. Wumart Group brought 2,100 tons of fruit and vegetables into the city on June 14, and 2,500 tons the following day. Meanwhile, Beijing Jingkelong purchased three times its normal daily volume from its own bases in Hebei, Shandong, and other provinces.

Wang Hongcun, an official with the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, said that relevant departments are taking measures to ensure the stability of supply and prices. The bureau is also working to better connect major distributors in the city’s key wholesale markets with merchants in secondary markets so as to ensure smooth access to information channels for the purchase and sale of daily goods.

At the same time, more vegetables will be purchased from other provinces for the capital. In addition, Beijing Chain-Store & Franchise Association issued an urgent initiative requiring key retail enterprises to ensure safety, supply, quality and stable prices.


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