Survivalists prep for coronavirus outbreak in UK with gas masks and chemical suits


Doomsday survivalists have begun prepping for an outbreak of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom as the deadly disease continues to spread

Survivalists in the UK have begun prepping for a coronavirus outbreak as China confirmed over 6,000 cases of the deadly disease.

Over 16 countries have been affected by the disease which has taken the lives of 130 people in mainland China.

The viral infection is yet to reach British shores and the Government have said any evacuated citizens returning from Wuhan will be placed in quarantine for 14 days.

Despite these precautionary measures, doomsday survivalists within the UK prepping community fear an outbreak is imminent.

Hundreds of survivalists shared their concerns to the Prepping to Survive UK Facebook Group which has over 1,000 members.

One prepared individual shared the contents of their prep bag which is designed to keep them safe through any nuclear, biological or chemical risk.

The orange rucksack contains 200 latex gloves, 12 pairs of yellow-heavy duty gloves and one pair of black extra heavy duty gloves.

It has 2-16oz bottles of 50% isopropyl alcohol, three bottles of 65mg 100 count potassium iodine pills, one roll of 3M touch duct tape, four pairs of safety goggles, four them splash suits, 2 Tyvek DuPont double extra-large suits with hood, 48 charcoal protection masks, 48 low-grade dust masks.

Finally, the user recommends to invest in a good respiratory mask, with their bag containing four 3M N95 performance respirators, four 3M N95 cool flow advances respirators, four Israeli gas masks with new updated filters with spare filters for each mask.

Others advised to “avoid contagion areas” and advised to “wash your hands often” with soap and warm water.

While another said: “Remember not to touch your face!

“I just stocked up on hand sanitiser and face masks, as useless as it could be.

“Mopping floors with dettol and making sure my food isn’t touching anything in my kitchen and that it’s piping hot.”

With a third adding: “Keep an eye on your family’s cleaning drills… be conscious of germs in public area, sanitiser, antibacterial wipes.”

Members in the prepping community in the United States have also shared tips to Facebook.

One user shared a picture of their face mask alongside the caption “I’m ready!” to group Prepper Survival Network.

While others have posted pictures of their prepping hauls, which contain hundreds of face masks, cleaning materials and respiratory filters.

The Foreign Office warned Brits against “all but essential travel” to China and the government will be evacuating UK citizens from Wuhan.

Outside China, Thailand is the country most affected by the disease with a total of 14 confirmed cases.

Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Vietnam, United States of America, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, France have all confirmed cases of the disease.

Testing is underway in the United Kingdom and at least 30 people have been screened but there is no sign of the virus yet.


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