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The city police of Zurich sees itself because of their use of the “Black Lives Matter”Demonstration, with the sharp criticism faced. Against the accusations of the police vehemently.

Of the extreme left attempted to take the “Black Lives Matter”Demonstration for the purposes of the Association.

Ennio Leanza / Keystone

More than 10 000 people went on Saturday in Zurich at the “Black Lives Matter”Demonstration on the road. However, while the participants of the procession would be peaceful protests, had left extreme tried again and again to tear the scepter itself, says the Zurich city police said in a statement. “This could be by Participating successfully prevented.”

To skirmishes, it finally came later in the afternoon. Led by exponents of the left ducks scene, tried the stadelhofer Platz for approximately 300 people to start a rally. As the forces prevented this, they were pelted with stones and bottles. A police officer was hit by an object on the neck and had to be treated in the hospital.

Controversy surrounding film shots

Video footage of the skirmishes show the turbulent scenes. A dozen police officers in full gear standing at the tram stop and defend with their signs to the objects with which they are thrown at. Screaming, name-calling and booing halls across the square. Police officers spray tear gas in the direction of the protesters.

On another phone recording to see how a box car of the police showing up first on the stadelhofer Platz, however, resets, and in the direction of the Opera house and departs. In addition to the in-vehicle demonstrators, they are thrown berating the occupants, the objects are on the vehicle go.

Was posted the Clip on the Twitter channel of the SVP in the Canton of Zurich. The party writes: “the city police has the situation under control and flees from the thugs.”

According to party President Benjamin Fischer, “SVP-a reader reporter, has turned” the recording. “We always watch that at large events people, to make yourself a picture,” says the member of the Parliament. That thousands ran, despite the ban on public Assembly by the city, while shops and businesses were suffering still under the Covid-19-measures, referred to it as a scandal.

Fischer attacked the city police on Twitter in the front: your behavior is “illegal”, and that she called the Demonstration to be peaceful, he described as a lie. For the 29-Year-old, who was not himself present, the case is clear: “The city police need to enforce law and order. This is a surrender.”

In the case of the Zurich city police, the allegations do not apply. The scene with the police vehicle, the spokesman Marco Cortesi said, the police have taken in the Moment by no means escape from the protesters. “With the box car of a Person arrested would have to be removed. The driver, however, had to repent, because he was bent in the wrong direction.” You have at any time had control of the Situation.

The accusation of lying Cortesi rejects. The participants of the Anti-racism Demonstration would have had nothing to do with those who had thrown stones and bottles. “The Black-Lives-Matter-protesters were cooperative. For the violence of the exponent of the left-Autonomous scene were responsible. They tried again and again, violence, and degradation.”

The city police arrested on Saturday three people, including the organizer of the extreme left-wing interference action. All three will have to answer because of violence and threats against authorities and civil servants. In two of the three cases, it is also examined whether a violation of the Covid-19-there is regulation of the Federal government.

City Council calls for mask duty

For Benjamin Fischer is the Problem, however, lies deeper. He speaks with views of the city of Zurich from a “year-long decline of”. Security, law and order could not be enforced. He announces, therefore, initiatives, which the cities of the territory to be withdrawn from the police. “The Canton must be able to intervene, if the national law is disregarded,” says Fischer.

According to sharp criticism in the cantonal Parliament fell out. In a common group statement of FDP and SVP of handling the city of Zurich, with demonstrations has been branded as “not only irresponsible, but illegal.” This prompted the green faction chief Thomas Forrer to a short replica. The SVP fights against their loss of importance in the city of Zurich, he said. If the party would recognize that there is also in Switzerland, racism, would not have to go to the people on the street.

To reported word health chief Andreas Hauri themselves. Compared to Radio SRF of the GLP-the city Council deplored on Monday that on the weekend a lot of people wearing hygiene masks. “If in the case of demonstrations, the spacing rules can not be met, then I am of the opinion that there needs to be a mask of duty,” said Hauri. Such a measure would, however, be decreed by the Federal government.


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