Sydney axe attack: Man and woman killed after rampage – suburb on lockdown


PARTS of a Sydney suburb are on lockdown after a man and a woman were killed in an axe rampage through the city.

Police were called to the Cartwright neighbourhood and found the victims suffering serious slash wounds. Paramedics battled to save the man’s life but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was taken to Liverpool Hospital where she later died from her injuries. Local media said the attack might have been sparked by a neighbourhood dispute.

Superintendent Adam White of Liverpool City Police Area Command said: “It appears a male and a female have come to the units here in Cartwright in respect to a dispute and as a result of that a scuffle has broken out.

“Unfortunately it has resulted in two people being seriously injured and passing away from those injuries.

“It appears to be a specific attack, it’s not random.

“They’ve come to these particular premises, so I don’t think residents have anything to worry about.”

Police said the man and woman had gone to a neighbour’s property when the attack happened and are treating it as a neighbourhood dispute.

Aerial footage showed several police and emergency vehicles at the scene.

Local resident Ekhlas Flifal said she was at home with her husband when she heard police sirens.

She said: “When I went outside they told me to go back inside the house.

“After about 30 minutes I said my husband needed to go to the station and they let me leave to drive him.”

Mrs Flifal said there was a public housing block at the end of the cul-de-sac where she had seen police “many times” since moving to the area in 2017.

Police said another man had also been injured and was now being held in police custody assisting officers with the investigation.

It appears to be a specific attack, it’s not random


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