‘Syrians need 100,000 more briquette houses in Idlib’



Although several Turkish non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are in the process of building 50,000 briquette houses in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, an additional 100,000 such units are required to meet housing needs, according to Bulent Yildirim, head of the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH).

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Yildirim said around 4.3 million people are living in Idlib. Many of them who used to live in tents have built briquette houses. But those who do not have means need help.

“We visited Syria in Ramadan, we wanted to see developments there on-site, briquette houses have been built everywhere and mosques and schools have been opened next to the houses, in addition, health services are provided,” he said.

He said that Turkish institutions have set an example by turning these briquette houses into villages.

He said that IHH had a target to build 20,000 houses and 15,000 of them have been completed so far.

Yildirim said that around 50,000 houses will be built by Turkish NGOs, but at least another 100,000 houses are needed.

Previously, Turkey had announced that Turkish NGOs and institutions will build 50,000 briquette houses in Syria’s northern provinces.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has donated 50 houses.

He said that people have learned to stand on their own feet and have created a beautiful environment in Idlib. Yildirim said the empty and barren lands have transformed into urbanized structures with houses and shops coming up.

“There are briquette factories, food shops, clothes shops, and barbers, shops constitute trade centers and bazaars, people work like ants,” he added.

Civilization coming up in Idlib

Yildirim said civilization was being established in Idlib, with universities, schools, and hospitals.

“World-class doctors are trained here,” he added.

He urged people to support Idlib, as helping to feed a person would mean building a future for thousands of others.

About educational issues, he said around 260,000 children are unable to go to school due to their physical conditions.

He said during his tour, he found that Syrians were praying that Turkey remains by their side as the presence of Turkish people has provided hope for all needy Muslims.

People in Idlib think that Turkish people should not only help Syrians, but to the people of Turkey as well, he noted.

“Because if you don’t think about your neighbor, your daily workers, and your unemployed persons, the people of Turkey cannot remain to stand,” he added.

He also said the IHH is helping people in Turkey to combat the pandemic in all neighborhoods, villages, and streets.

“This year, again, including this closing period, we will declare mobilization as much as needed. All of us, with our state and NGOs, will help each person so that the hopes of the oppressed people in the world are not exhausted,” he said.


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