Takes force the boycott of The Comay


The wave of indignation following the expressions of the puppeteer Kobbo Santarrosa against ms. Ana Irma Rivera Lassen has driven what appears to be a new boycott against his program “La Comay”. The call came via social networks in the evening hours of yesterday, Saturday, through a request in the platform Change.org to require the final cancellation of the television program. In a short time, this petition has already exceeded its initial goal after getting 10 thousand signatures, and the time is already going by more than 16,000 in seeking to achieve the new mark of 25,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, the message of repudiation against the character of the doll have multiplied on social networks and hashtags #BoicotALaComay and #BoicotAKobbo achieved to become on-trend at the local level.

In addition, between yesterday and today, several public figures and infuyentes of politics and entertainment have joined the cause, demanding the departure of Santarrosa of puerto rican television, to understand that the recent expressions of mockery against the leader of the Movement Victory Citizen were an attack of a racist nature.

Even, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, shared from his official account the request “Not to Comay. Enough already!” in a show of support for the boycott.

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