Taylor Swift’s Surprise New Album Release: Fans React As ‘Folklore’ Suddenly Becomes Viral


Taylor Swift is taking the music industry by storm, once again, as she released her new album, “Folklore.” Different reactions from fans have been overwhelming and just a few hours after it was unveiled, it has trended on social media.

Who would’ve thought that the 30-year-old singer’s new album would drop just 24 hours after she told the world it was coming?

Fans of Swift couldn’t help but get excited after “Folklore” became available in the market. Netizens had been talking —reacting— about Swift’s new album on Twitter with #Folklore, which made it a trending topic on the said social media platform.

One Swift fan described “Folklore” as “Red’s” older sister. After describing how beautiful the album was, the fan said that Swift has outdone herself.

Emotions have been overflowing since the “Cats” actress released “Folklore” and these were just some of the reactions from Swift’s overwhelmed fans.

Several fans thought Swift’s music with perfection. Under Twitter’s #Folklore topic, one fan said that Swift didn’t know how to make a bad album and that the only thing bad about “Folklore” was it has an ending.

There was nothing but praises and celebration from Swifties for this album.

Swift stunned her nearly 87 million Twitter followers when she announced the release of “Folklore,” yesterday (July 23.) Her tweet revealed that she poured all her “whims, dreams, fears and musings” into the latest album.

The said tweet gained more than 333,000 retweets, nearly 35,000 comments and more than 800,000 likes just several hours after its upload online.

Swift, additionally, said that she made 8 deluxe CDs and 8 deluxe vinyl because “Folklore’s” her 8th studio album. The CDs and vinyl, which was designed to have unique covers and rare photos, would only be available for 1 week.

Swift’s latest album has a standard version, with 16 tracks, and a deluxe version, with “The Lakes” as a bonus song.

Swift described how a tale becomes folklore. She said these were the stories passed down from one generation to another and whispered around. She penned the songs in isolation and the product was her “Folklore” studio album.


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