Tenants search for new flatmates to share bunk beds with four other men 


A tenant is seeking two new flatmates to join four ‘friendly’ men in an all-male dormitory style room which is kitted out with bunk beds.

The bizarre set-up would see two renters join an Indian man, two Middle Eastern men and a Japanese man in the master bedroom of the flat in central Auckland, New Zealand for $100 per week.

But the eight students who currently occupy the five-bedroom apartment are only willing to share with other men as the advert, which was posted to property listing site Trade Me on Saturday, explicitly states: ‘males only, no females’.

‘This Master room has its own toilet [and]shower and the room is for 6 person share which means you are sharing with 5 other people in the room,’ the advert reads.

‘Don’t waste your time emailing me if 6 share dormitory is not your style of living.’

Images which accompany the advert depict a three-tiered bunk bed situated on the left side of the room next to a wardrobe and additional storage space.

Additional pictures show the shared living space, which includes an open-plan kitchen, a white bench and an area to hang laundry up to dry.  

Amenities such as a microwave, fridge and washing machine are provided, as well as space for the tenant to store their belongings. 

‘We give you clothes cupboard space, food space in [the]fridge [and]freezer and space for [one]suitcase only and a carry-bag.’

The advert said the tenants were keen for a ‘quiet, clean and respectful’ housemates to join them, and said they’d prefer to live with ‘day people’ rather than ‘night owls’.

The advert also said that smokers and someone who considered themselves to be an ‘alcoholic’ need not apply.

Despite the advert stating the current renters were ‘friendly’ the listing warned ‘no parties’ and ‘no visitors’ were allowed at the property.

The advert also said the central location would save a potential new flatmate money on travel.

‘Public transport is costly travelling in and out of the city every day so it’s worth living in the CBD if you work and study in the CBD,’ the advert read.

The rent, which is inclusive of water, unlimited WiFI and electricity, was as little as $100 per week if the potential housemate was willing to sign a six-month contract.

For a three-month agreement the rent would be $110 per week, and for a two-month arrangement the rent would be $115.

And while the occupants would accept someone who only wanted to reside at the property for one-month, the person would have to pay $120 per week.

A bond of $220 would also have to be paid upfront, but would be repaid when the person moved out of the property.

An additional $3 would need to be spent every time the prospective tenant used the washing machine.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Trade Me user who posted the advert for comment.



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