‘The Babysitter 3’ Teased In Netflix’s ‘Killer Queen’ Post-Credits Scene


“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” released Thursday, and fans who finish the movie are already wondering about a sequel. The Netflix movie’s ending makes it clear that there might be more story to tell.

The post-credits scene shows a close-up shot of Bee’s ancient spellbook, indicating that it survived and is ready to pull more teens into deals with the devil. It isn’t exactly a massive cliffhanger, but it clearly leaves the door open for “The Babysitter 3,” should Netflix order another movie.

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Thought Netflix hasn’t made a decision yet, the cast is ready to return. Stars Judah Lewis, who plays Cole, and Robbie Amell, who plays Max, are ready to come back.

“It was really after the first film came out that we all started to really think about where we could take this and how these characters could continue to grow,” Lewis told ScreenRant.

He added that there are plenty of story arcs “The Babysitter 3” could follow after “Killer Queen.” “Not only does Cole’s relationship with his dad change, but his relationship with Phoebe would also be a really interesting thing to explore and see where it goes,” Lewis noted. “Plus, he’s got to get through high school and I’m sure, like always, there are demons lurking just beyond the shadows that are ready to strike at any moment!”

Amell is happy to return for more as well. “I would love to continue to make these movies… Hopefully, I’m being thought of for the third one, and hopefully the second one is successful enough to warrant it. I would love to go back and try to kill Cole,” he told CBR.

The actor worked with director McG on projects like “The Duff” and “When We First Met,” and the two apparently have lots of fun on set, enough to make Amell ready to sign up for as many “Babysitter” sequels as possible. “Working with McG is a blast. I would work with McG on 10 more Babysitters,” he said.

The third “Babysitter” movie likely depends on how many viewers tune in for the latest horror movie.

“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” is available now on Netflix.


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