The BBC should axe its luvvie output and save cash to help out the over-75s


BBC bosses would have you believe they can’t possibly keep the corporation going unless over-75s pay for their TV licences. 

But we’re not having it. 

The organisation — which gobbled up a whopping £3.8billion in licence fees last year — is awash with cash. 

It’s just that those at the top have no idea how to use it sensibly. 

Instead of sticking to the brief of a “public service broadcaster” and producing educational programmes and documentaries, the Beeb wastes vast amounts on pointless luvvie output which neither serves the public interest nor entertains the average viewer. 

Why? Because in their desperate bid to woo youth audiences, the corporation’s high command has thrown its critical faculties out of the window. 

And the quest is a wild goose chase.

According to the latest Ofcom report, most kids have given up on conventional broadcast TV anyway. 

Sombre Beeb executives like to imply that the Tory government is to blame for cutting BBC funding. 

But it’s clear to us that if the corporation slimmed down its sprawling empire — and cut the salaries of vastly overpaid managers — it would have plenty of cash to help out the over-75s. 

CANCER sufferers are the forgotten victims of the Covid pandemic. 

If something doesn’t change fast, thousands of them could die unnecessarily before the year is out. 

According to new data from Macmillan, the number of people in England being seen by a specialist for suspected cancer following an urgent referral by their GP was just 106,535 in May 2020. 

That’s around 94,000 lower than it was the same time last year. 

Of course, cancer hasn’t taken the year off.

People have been so worried about burdening the NHS that they’ve avoided doctors and not been diagnosed.

Now the NHS is no longer in danger of being overwhelmed, that mindset must shift. 

The Government should lead from the front with a massive public health campaign encouraging Brits to get themselves checked. 

IN just 24 hours, Sun readers have won the campaign to get the beauty industry open again.

It’s great news for the high street, those craving a bit of pampering — and, of course, thousands of beauty therapists desperate to get working again. 

The news on gyms and swimming pools is welcome too.

Coronavirus is deadliest to the obese and overweight, so it’s vital that Britain gets in shape. 

Thank you for seeing sense, Prime Minister. 

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