The House passes a sweeping social safety and climate bill by a razor-thin margin.


The House of Representatives narrowly passes sweeping social safety and climate legislation.

ALAN FRAM of the Associated Press contributed to this report.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats pushed their expansive social and environmental bill through a sharply divided House on Friday, putting President Joe Biden and his party one step closer to capitalizing on their government’s control by channeling resources toward their top domestic priorities.

The bill was passed by the House on a near-party-line vote of 220-213, sending it to the Senate, where moderate Sen.

Joe Manchin, D-WVa., and the chamber’s stringent rules appear destined to force major changes.

This will likely result in new disagreements between party centrists and progressives, which will take weeks to resolve.

Nonetheless, the bill’s passage in the House marked a turning point for a bill notable for the breadth and depth of the policy changes it would entail.

Taxation, health care, energy, climate change, family services, education, and housing are all included in one bill.

This demonstrates the Democrats’ desire to achieve their goals while in control of the White House and Congress, a position they may lose after the midterm elections next year.

The election, according to Biden, was “another giant step forward” for the country.

“Above all,” he said in a statement, “it puts us on the path to rebuilding our economy better than before by rebuilding America’s backbone: working people and the middle class.”

As the final roll call clock ticked down, Democrats gathered in front of the chamber, many arm in arm.

Many chanted, “Build Back Better,” referring to Biden’s bill.

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the vote to a close, their applause grew louder.

Republicans didn’t have much to cheer about, but they did show some grit.

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Florida’s Kat Cammack.

During perhaps the most difficult period of his presidency, the House vote gave Biden a brief taste of victory, and probably relief.

He’s been battered by polls showing declining approval, reflecting voters’ concerns about inflation, clogged supply chains, and the lingering coronavirus pandemic, leaving Democrats concerned that their legislative efforts are failing to reach voters.

“This bill is for you if you’re a parent, a senior, a child, a worker, if you’re an American,” Pelosi said, highlighting Democrats’ efforts to…

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