“The legacy of these settlers, it is the shit”


In a forum with a bite, published by the Guardianthis political scientist of south africa applauds the déboulonnage statues of settlers in Europe. But beyond the symbolic significance of these acts, what will it be ? It is necessary to go further to build a society that is anti-racist, defends the author.

There is a little more than five years, a student of the university of Cape town, South Africa, threw a bucket of shit at the face of bronze of Cecil John Rhodes. He had brought it from Khayelitsha, a township nearby, into the campus, a journey that, in itself, was indicative of the development of the territory in the time of apartheid and the inequalities that prevail in a city which reminds us cruel legacy racist of this colonialist british.

We could mitigate this account of the birth of the movement #RhodesMustFall [Rhodes doit tomber] using “excrement” rather than “shit”, but this would deprive the students of the tremendous historical impact that has had this moment that they claim to be full-fledged. They have had enough of claim politely institutional reforms, what they require now, it was studies décoloniales.

The legacy of Rhodes, this is the shit, and is shit to him that they balanced it. They broke and with conveniences for better call to radical changes and immediate. It did not take long, and this in spite of the influence of the historic titanic Rhodes in southern Africa since the Nineteenth century, before the statue itself down, April 9, 2015.

In museums, not on the seats

In the whole of Africa, and even up to Oxford, the United Kingdom, the students demonstrated. Some have said that the statue of Rhodes on the High Street, Oxford, is symbolically removed by the authorities of Oriel College [un des éléments constitutifs de l’université d’Oxford]and placed in a museum.

Others have called for the organization of seminars to reflect changes in curriculum. Voices were also heard to claim that the


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