The London Underground Has Faster Wi-Fi Speeds Than Over 4 Million UK Homes


A portion of the London Underground got 4G coverage this week, but it may surprise you to discover that the network of subterranean tunnels has faster Wi-Fi than 4.4 million UK homes. Unless yours is one of them.

4G went live this week on the eastern half of the Jubilee line, including all platforms, tunnels – with the exception of London Bridge and Waterloo stations where the signal will just be available on the Jubilee line platforms. But according to Uswitch’s Tube Surfing Report, the speeds of the connection outrank those in a significant number of homes across the country.

The report found that the average internet speeds across the Underground is 19.8Mbps, compared to the 8.8Mbps endured by some 4.4 million homes that are still running on ADSL (standard broadband) connections. Last year, an Ofcom report revealed two per cent of homes and businesses are unable to “access a decent fixed broadband service” that provide download speeds of ” at least 10Mbps, so that holds up.  Earlier this month, BT announced that it would be launching Gigabit broadband across the UK, following in Virgin’s footsteps.

Uswitch knocked together a Tube map showing the Wi-Fi speeds at all the London Underground Zone 1 stations, checking the speeds available at all 99 stations. Edgeware came out on top with download speeds of 49.7Mbps, while Westminster was the slowest with an average of 0.9Mbps. But chances are some of these stations are going to be an improvement on surfing the net at home, which sucks for you. Especially if you’re confined to your homes and self-isolating. You can always take the opportunity to get out and enjoy a bit of fresh air instead, considering the National Trust has waived the fees for visits to its sites.

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