The most heinous Thanksgiving murders, from a pastor who shot his family over a game to a man who “waited 20 years” to murder relatives


The most heinous Thanksgiving murders, from a pastor who shot his family over a game to a man who “waited 20 years” to murder relatives.

THANKSGIVING is traditionally a time for families to gather around a turkey dinner and reflect on the year’s blessings, but for some, the holiday season has turned into a nightmare.

Over the last few years, the US holiday season has been marred by a series of harrowing stories of brutal murders, shocking disappearances, and other violent crimes.

Last year’s holiday season was no exception, with a heavily tattooed trio terrorizing random passers-by across Nevada and Arizona for 11 hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Shawn McDonnell, 31, his brother Christopher McDonnell, 28, and his wife Kayleigh Lewis, 26, were all charged with dozens of crimes in connection with the November shootings that killed one 22-year-old man and injured four others.

Kevin Mendiola Jr. was fatally shot at a 7-Eleven in southern Nevada on November 26.

Gunfire also struck his younger brother, girlfriend, and two other people, but all four of the injured people survived.

The trio also targeted a dozen other people, including motorists and pedestrians, on local roads and freeways just before 1 a.m. on Nov.


They then drove to Arizona, where more shootings occurred, including one that involved a police officer.

The assailants’ black Toyota Camry with tinted windows rolled over, ending the police chase.

When Shawn McDonnell emerged from the wreck, he allegedly pointed a handgun at two officers.

He was shot, but he was unharmed.

Three handguns, two machete-style knives, and a baseball bat were discovered during the search of the vehicle.

Christopher McDonnell, who has a skull tattoo on his face, allegedly said his brother told him to “shoot the black guy.”

He’s also been accused of mentioning an “imminent war.”

In court, a witness to a shooting in southern Nevada described how he had just gotten up from a slot machine inside a store when Christopher and his brother Shawn walked in.

Witnesses claim he took cover behind a bench when they opened fire, and then heard several more shots.

“Don’t worry, I’m still looking for you,” Christopher allegedly said.

Another witness claimed to have seen the two laughing as they opened fire on a car that had crashed into a pole during the chaos.

Witnesses said of one of the gunmen, “I saw him unload and reload the gun…”

“It was as if it were a video game.”

One woman, whose father was killed in the shooting, described how one of the brothers pressed his face against her car window, brandishing his gun.

“I cried out for help….

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Christopher McDonnel, 28, was one of three suspects involved in a shooting spree last yearOne man was shot dead at a 7-Eleven, and three others were hurtShawn McDonnell, 31, may receive the death penaltyKayleigh Lewis, 26, was also chargedIn 2016, Joel Guy Jr. stabbed and dismembered his parents Joel Sr. and Lisa Guy in their Knoxville, Tennessee homeHis parents are shwona boveGuy Jr meticulously plotted his every murderous move in a notebookChristopher GattisPaul Merhige had been estranged from family members for years when he asked to attend a cousin's Thanksgiving dinner in Jupiter, Florida, in 2009Cody Gann, 18, was charged with murder

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