The Queen has spent 70 years defending the monarchy; she must now separate Andrew from his family before he further humiliates them.


The Queen has spent 70 years defending the monarchy; she must now distance herself from Andrew’s family before he further humiliates them.

THIS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in royal history.

As we now know, the Duke of York was driven to Windsor Castle yesterday morning for a meeting with the Queen.

It’s a meeting she never thought she’d have with her favorite son, who has been her staunch supporter since the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

He returned his military titles and royal patronages in exchange for her sad agreement that he would now fight his sex claims lawsuit in America as a private citizen.

To do so, he has also given the honorific of HRH His Royal Highness to the Queen.

Sarah Duchess of York, his ex-wife, lost hers in their divorce case, which was understandable given her desire to work in the United States as Sarah Ferguson.

The loss of Diana’s HRH was far more contentious.

The Queen had no desire to take it away, but she became so irritated when Diana publicly stated that she was going to lose it that she decided to do so.

Since Edward VII’s involvement in the ­Baccarat ­scandal in September 1890, no member of the Royal ­Family has been summoned to court.

The prince was called as a witness after his friend Gordon Cumming was accused of cheating in a card game.

This was the first time since Richard Plantagenet, the 3rd Duke of York, in the 15th century, that an heir to the throne had been compelled to appear in court.

The case of Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, who was accused of stealing from her estate in 2002, came crashing down when the Queen remembered that he had told her he was keeping some of the late Princess’s belongings for safe-keeping.

The case was about to get personal, and the royals couldn’t afford to testify.

It is a tragic day for the royals when a prince of the blood — and for 20 years the second in line to the throne after his elder brother, the Prince of Wales — loses his title.

Because she considers it her duty, the Queen has spent 70 years defending the monarchy’s image.

Her beloved father instilled in her this responsibility.

She has performed this duty with zeal and pride.

It hasn’t been easy, but she was adamant that this was her destiny and that she had been called by God to fulfill it.

Her proposal was accepted by Prince Philip.

They gave up a lot of personal happiness in order to keep each other…

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