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The presenter of the peruvian, who is in the recordings of his new program, he wanted to demonstrate how well you can look at 68 years.

After his triumphant return to the small screen, the presenter of the peruvian Laura Bozzo is in a good moment of his personal and professional life, so don’t doubt to share it on their social networks.

In its 68 years, the peruvian wants to prove how good it can look. It is as well as can be seen in their latest publications to a Laura with a smoother skin and face rejuvenated.

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In this publication, Laura said that it looks very changed thanks to her hair and makeup. Photo: Instagram

As if that weren’t enough, “miss Laura” and he went up a little and showed a plunge swimsuit.

The reactions among his more than 400 thousand followers were not made to wait and also that I loved your good taste when you choose a low-necked calzoneta stamped, there was also time for praise.

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“Bella, miss Laura,” “For the age that has seen very good”, “you Are beautiful because you show yourself just as you are”, “long live the self-esteem my Lauris”, “The best my Laura, very good and humble. God bless you”, “I Love your glasses”, and “body” were some of the signs of affection that he received.

The peruvian took a breath of the recordings of their new TV show. Photo: Instagram

The hostess greeted his audience from Acapulco. Photo: Instagram

Currently Laura is doing the recordings for his new TV program called “Laura uncensored”; which will be under the production of Magda Rodriguez, and shall be transmitted by the chain Televisa.

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Everything seems to indicate that your program will be as controversial as ever since in a previous publication, Laura turned to her audience with a passionate message.

“If you have a story to tell , someone to report, a problem to solve or a person who post, write me on my social networks for my new program Laura Uncensored”, published the controversial blonde.

Laura along with the producer mexican Magda Rodriguez who will start his project, “Laura sin censura”. Photo Instagram.



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