The secret role Australia’s CSIRO scientists played in the creation of iconic Twisties chips


Australia’s top scientists helped create the country’s popular Twisties chips, CSIRO revealed on Friday.

Melbourne businessman Isador Magid struggled in creating the design for Twisties after suffering a mishap from an imported machine from the US in the 1950s. 

CSIRO said the popular chip wouldn’t have existed without their help as they helped to change the manufacturing process. 

‘We were involved in the invention of Twisties,’ they tweeted. 

‘Twisties needed a complicated and special process. The initial machine ”ruddy well didn’t work”.

‘The inventor got in contact with us. We told him how to change the process to create the chip we all love.’ 

When Mr Magid couldn’t get the machine to work, he flew out a technical expert from the US and approached top scientists at CSIRO for help.

Taking CSIRO’s advice on board, Mr Magid successfully produced Twisties.

After a few years, he struggled with large distribution and sold the brand to two of the Lea brothers from the confectionery firm Darrell Lea in 1955. 

An unsuccessful launch in the UK then subsequently saw the Twisties brand sold to the Smith’s Snackfood Company. 

Today it is known as one of Australia’s most popular chip brands coming in cheese and chicken flavours. 

CSIRO is Australia’s national science research agency who solve the greatest challenges using innovative science and technology. 


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