The states-General for the relaunch: from the floor Colao to the unions


MILAN – And’ the day of Vittorio Colaothe manager called to lead the Committee of experts to make proposals on the revitalization of the Country, and of the the social partners at the tables of the States-general, hosted by the premier, Count of Villa Pamphili. The manager meets for the first time face to face with the government, and to put on the table his ideas for reforming the Country, taking advantage of the european funds in the inbox with the Recovery Fund: his intervention in the festival is started early in the morning, a little after nine. Then it was the turn of the trade unions: the president of the Council, Joseph Counthe announced the adoption today of a decree that will enable businesses to take advantage of since the beginning, an additional 4 weeks cash special integration for the Covid, initially planned for the period September-October, if they have finished already the hours available to them.

The plan Colao

As anticipated by Republicthere are two points on which he dwells, in the hour of time available to synthesize the work of the last few weeks has led to a substantial document of the six priorities. The necessity of a reform of the public administration, with a training for the employees in the public and education. The manager also proposes to redefine the relationship between the school, the university and the business world. The education of our children will have to be more calibrated to the needs of the productive world.


The states-general, the time has expired

A Colao, comes the gratitude of the premier, Giuseppe Conte, extended to the whole task force for the work carried out, broad was, always according to sources, an important contribution to the comparison of these days for the purposes of the processing of the recovery plan of the government. Even Colao introduces his speech with the thanks to president Conte, a whole team of ministers, and offices for the fruitful collaboration of these weeks.

Count to trade unions: here comes the decree for the igc to reform the shocks

After the report of the manager, it’s up to the unions The Cgil, Cisl and Uil. To them, the Count says that in order to ensure the cash integration to all of you for the time required “we have prepared a decree-law, which we will adopt today in the Council of ministers, which will take place at the margins of meetings today – thanks to which the companies and the workers that have exhausted the first 14 weeks of layoff may request the additional 4 weeks approved with the decree Relaunch”. A decree that actually, in the evening, it was approvado from the Cdm: “Approved in the Council of Ministers to the decree which allows companies that have spent the 14 weeks of the redundancy fund, provided for in the Care of Italy, and the Decree to Relaunch, to anticipate the additional 4 are planned. We support the resumption of the business, protecting the workers”, the tweet of Nunzia Catalfo.

Conte adds that with regard to the theme of the work, the ambition of long-term overall reform of the social shock absorbers by replacing the cig with a new and much faster”. In general, the priorities are to “support the transition to employment, the protection of workers’ income, the promotion of the quality of the work. The income protection of workers shall be divided into multiple projects: the establishment of a minimum wage in the Country, the struggle at the bargaining pirate, the basis for renewal of contracts, the creation of a Single Document of Regular Contributions on contracts and subcontracts for the cost of the work, the contrast to the caporalato and black labour, the incentives of the welfare contract”.

“The reform of the social shock absorbers” such as “absolute priorities,” insists the minister of Labour, Nunzia Catalfo: “In the next few days we will begin to engage with the social partners: it is necessary to bring order to the existing tools, by adopting measures less passive”. “We have obtained a first result”, the additional nine weeks of Cig Covid “you can do consecutively. It is still not enough and we have asked the block of the layoffs until the end of the year and also the subsequent social safety nets to be put in the field”, the comment of the secretary-general of the Cgil, Maurizio Landini.

The plan in the nine chapters for the revival

The premier, Count will return to give a speech on the address in the afternoon, then will be attended by the trade unions, Ucl, Usbb, Cub, Cisal, Confsal, Cobas, Unicobas, Cida, Cse, Fnsi. In the evening, the work will close with the local authorities, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces National Association of Italian Municipalities and the Union of Italian Provinces.

The government puts on these tables the first “book of dreams”, the plan is in nine chapters and 55 items in order to relaunch the Country. Go under the headings of: the digital Revolution, infrastructure, green economy, industry 4.0, the modernization of the hotel facilities, less bureaucracy in the public administration, investment in research, health and justice. You have to in the meantime, understand how to indicate the interventions: some initiatives can go with the Budget law in autumn, when it will still Eu funds in the Recovery Fund. The executive is studying ways to activate the Esm without generating cracks in the majority, but many initiatives will be able to slip in after the entry into force of the financing mechanism of the community.


Anticipating the meetings, Annamaria Furlan the Cisl has dictated the agenda: “We will have need of acts of the reformers is to distribute the resources: hence, a true tax reform, the reform of the health system, modernisation of the Pa”.


The states-general, the operation of the Palazzo Chigi

Outside the Villa representative of the government is the protest of the opposition: “We represent the majority of the Country as the centre-right. It is the coalition that actually won the last general election. We have asked the government to meet at Palazzo Chigi, for tackling the big issues of the Country, using the tools that we have permission to use” the words of Antonio Tajani, vice-president of Forza Italia, to the microphones of the transmission “Italy has awakened”.



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