The tiny luxury LumiPod cabin with sliding glass walls that lets city dwellers get closer to nature


Getting closer to nature just became a little easier – and way more luxurious – thanks to these prefab, round cabins with sliding glass walls that can be assembled anywhere in the world.

The cabins, called LumiPods, are just 183 square feet and contain a simple bedroom and bathroom.

They have a charred wood cladding and glass facade that slides open to provide a seamless connection between the interior and outdoor spaces and have been created for stressed-out city dwellers.

The LumiPod has been designed by French-based company Lumicene, which says it envisions the pods as ‘cocoons of simplicity’. 

They have also been designed to have minimal impact on the environment and can be shipped anywhere in the world and assembled within two days.

The prefabricated pods comprise of two modules that are gently set into place on four screw piles.

This allows the tiny structures to cause minimal impact on the installation site. The pods are also rugged enough to withstand most climates.

Lined in plywood panels, the interior spaces are well-insulated and come with a minimalist interior design scheme. 

However, the most inspired feature is the curved glass wall that slides open, providing unobstructed views from almost anywhere inside the pod.

The curved glass panels are set in aluminum frames that slide on two rails, allowing the interior to be transformed into an outdoor space in the blink of an eye.

At the moment, LumiPods must be connected to electricity, water and waste water networks.

But the company is currently exploring new technology in order to offer a totally off-grid version as soon as 2020.


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