The Turkish delegation hopes to represent Turkey’s historic mission in Latin America.


The Turkish delegation wishes to represent Turkey’s long-standing mission in Latin America.

According to a senior lawmaker, a parliamentary delegation will attend the Parlatino general assembly on February 10-12.

ANKARA is the capital of Turkey.

According to the head of a Turkish parliamentary delegation, Turkiye’s historical mission and vision in Latin America are important to them.

“For many years, we have been working in Latin America to bring our relations to a certain level, both economically and politically.”

We want to represent the Ottoman Empire’s historical mission and vision in those geographies,” Ali Sahin, a senior Turkish lawmaker, told Anadolu Agency.

The Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) is a permanent regional organization made up of Latin American and Caribbean nations.

The Turkish delegation will attend the Parlatino’s general assembly in Panama on February 10-12 as an observer, according to Sahin.

“We want to give Turkiye’s foreign policy axis in Latin America a parliamentary dimension,” he said.

He stated that they would look into ways to improve relations between Turkiye and Latin American countries in economic, political, and cultural areas.

“With the internet age and new technologies, we live in a time when all borders and distances have vanished.

It is impossible for us to remain silent and indifferent to Latin American geography and the American continent in this period when borders have vanished,” he said.

‘We’ll meet Anatolian Armenians.’

Sahin, who hails from the southeastern Gaziantep province, pointed out that there were Armenians in Latin America with roots in Anatolia.

“We’re going to band together with them and try to turn the page,” he said.

They conducted research on Armenians in many Latin American countries, particularly Argentina, according to Sahin.

“The majority of them are Anatolian.”

We will also make a cultural effort to meet and reconnect with them during this process,” he added.

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