Their uncle said their ex-cop father was a control freak, and the murdered girls were remembered as happy and loved.


Their uncle said their ex-cop father was a control freak, and that the murdered girls were happy and loved.

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY – Dozens of neighbors and friends huddled in the cold in front of the York County home where 6- and 7-year-old Aaminah and Gianna Vicosa had only days earlier lived, played, and enchanted all who knew them on Friday night under a brilliant autumn moon.

The girls were remembered as happy, loving, courteous, and carefree during a candlelight vigil held in front of the Pleader Lane home in Windsor Township.

Bernard Fitchett, who lives two doors down, said: “I can still see them playing on the porch.”

“I see them on their bicycles.”

Nicole Fitchett, his wife, said she hasn’t slept in days.

The girls had come to her door for trick-or-treating only a few weeks before.

“The children were fantastic,” she said.

Nicole Fitchett, on the other hand, saw a clear contrast between the happy girls and their father, Robert Vicosa.

She said, “Everyone was nice except the dad.”

“I’d wave good morning to him, but he’d never respond.”

I never received a wave in return.”

Small vignettes of how some neighbors remember Vicosa amidst the remembrances, songs, poetry, and prayers offered up during the vigil hint at a foreboding that perhaps not everything was as idyllic as it seemed on the outside.

Augustine Ayala, Giana’s and Aaminah’s mother’s brother, described him as a “(expletive) control freak.”

“He was a complete (expletive) lunatic.”

Ayala attended the vigil with several members of his family, including his mother, but he only spoke to INFOSURHOY for a few seconds due to his raw emotions.

“He used to be a cop,” says the narrator.

He stated, “He wanted control.”

Vicosa, a former Baltimore City police officer, orchestrated his and his daughters’ deaths in a horrifically tragic manner.

Vicosa fatally shot his daughters and then himself inside a car just across the state line in Maryland on Thursday, days after leading police on a manhunt.

Robert Vicosa is accused of shooting and killing his daughters and then his former colleague, Tia Bynum, before turning the gun on himself on Thursday, according to police.

Tia Bynum, Vicosa’s alleged accomplice, was also discovered dead behind the wheel of the crashed car…

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Robert Vicosa, Tia Bynum

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