These are the top winter comfort foods being bought in each state


Australians have been ordering butter chicken and Pad Thai in the lead up to winter as the cold weather continues to settle over the nation, new research has found. 

Menulog reviewed its most popular menu items and the takeaway their users were ordering and eating at the start of June, with the two Asian dishes cropping up in first place.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW) enjoyed those two meals the most, while people from South Australia (SA) opted for laksa and a margherita pizza instead.

Those living in Victoria (VIC) tended to go for the margherita pizza and Hawaiian pizza, like those served at Numero Uno Pizza and Pasta in the region.

The delivery company was adamant that restaurants in the various states have seen up to a 40 per cent increase in orders of soups, noodles and pizza since winter began.

But that’s not all, with individual dishes in restaurants receiving even more special attention now that the daylight hours are shorter. 

Orders for laksa have increased by 31 per cent in NSW and 21 per cent in VIC. 

Meanwhile Meat Lovers pizza has become a firm favourite in the households of those on both the east and west coast of Australia.

In Queensland orders have increased by 21 per cent and it was nine per cent in WA.

Lamb and chicken korma is up 22 per cent in NSW, 12 per cent in QLD and 11 per cent in VIC.

And for those with a sweet tooth it has been donuts Victorians have been turning to as the weather cools down.

Orders for the treats are up 14 per cent in the region as of the start of June. 



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