Thieves break into cargo containers in Los Angeles, leaving behind shredded boxes.


Thieves break into cargo containers in Los Angeles, leaving behind shredded boxes.

Theft has repeatedly targeted a section of the Union Pacific railroad in downtown.


Following the looting of cargo containers that stop in the area, thieves targeted a section of Union Pacific railroad tracks in downtown Los Angeles, leaving thousands of shredded boxes in their wake.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the packages included those from Amazon, the REI sports store, and others.

The robbers left behind a number of unwanted items, including COVID-19 test kits.

On the scanner, I kept hearing about train break-ins in LA, so I went to (hashtag)LincolnHeights to see what was going on.

And looted packages stretch as far as the eye can see.

Amazon packages, @UPS boxes, unused Covid tests, fishing lures, and epi pens are just a few examples.

On trains, cargo containers have been left busted open.


The locks used to secure the area are easy to cut, according to CBS, and the Los Angeles Police Department told the news organization that it does not respond to train robberies unless Union Pacific requests assistance.

Such requests, according to police, are uncommon.

CBS news footage shows at least one person running through the package-covered tracks with what appears to be a bag containing stolen goods, as well as a Union Pacific officer pursuing two people.

The tracks were allegedly cleaned just a month ago, but they are now encased in tattered packaging.

Three months ago, there was yet another clean-up.

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are two of the busiest in the United States, and cargo bound for much of the country from Asia passes through them.

“We are very concerned about the increased cargo thefts in California,” Union Pacific said in a statement to CBS. “We have taken several steps to address this criminal activity.”

It said, “These rail crimes pose a serious safety threat to the public, our employees, and local law enforcement officers.”

“We’ve increased the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol, and we’ve used and explored new technologies to help us combat this criminal activity,” says the statement.

We’ll also keep working with local law enforcement and elected officials.”

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