This unusual video drives home the deadly reality of climate change for Irish viewers


What if locusts, floods and extreme drought were part of your everyday life?

A DELICIOUS FAMILY dinner, piping hot and ready to be eaten, is suddenly washed off the kitchen table by floods of dirty, murky water. A scene like this one might seem unrealistic to you, but the message it portrays is very real indeed: climate change is here, and is one of the leading causes of global hunger.

Concern Worldwide has launched a new video which takes a powerful new approach to climate change awareness. Using items from a typical kitchen – a fridge, an oven, a table of food – the video hammers home the harsh reality of extreme weather for Irish viewers and highlights the urgent need for donations.

What would you do if your oven scorched every meal to a blackened crisp, and you couldn’t do anything to stop it? Or if your entire week’s grocery shop disappeared in seconds, consumed by a terrifying swarm of locusts? 

Livelihoods under threat

It’s estimated that climate change could push 122 million people into extreme poverty by 2030. In the 23 countries that Concern works with, extreme weather events like erratic rainfall, droughts and floods mean that crops are being decimated, livestock are starving, and entire communities are left without crucial sources of food and income.

“The bottom line is that people’s food supplies are being destroyed and their livelihoods and very existence are under threat” says Concern’s Senior Policy Officer Sally Tyldesley.

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Guyo Gonjoba inspects plants eaten by locusts in North Horr, Kenya.

Source: Ed Ram/Concern

Donations are vital

As the world continues to get warmer, the people who contributed to climate change the least are dealing with the worst effects. Your donation to Concern today can help provide emergency food to families whose lands have been ravaged by extreme weather.

With your support, Concern can also provide preventative and resilience-building strategies including climate-smart farming techniques like the use of drought-resistant seeds. Changes like these will help communities withstand the effects of climate change.

Concern alone can’t stop climate change, but it can help those who are suffering because of it. The crisis may not be happening in your kitchen, but it’s affecting millions of already vulnerable people around the globe – and every donation counts. 

Right now, millions of people are suffering the life-threatening impacts of climate change. Concern Worldwide urgently needs donations, to provide emergency food to families in need, and help communities become more resilient to the devastating effects of extreme weather. Please donate now.


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