Throughout the pandemic, drinks events were a “weekly occurrence” at Downing Street.


Throughout the pandemic, drinks events were held on a weekly basis at Downing Street.

According to a report, Boris Johnson has been accused of frequently attending the events and encouraging staff to ‘let off steam.’

According to a newspaper report, “wine-time Friday” was a weekly occurrence at No10 throughout the pandemic.

Boris Johnson allegedly frequented the events and encouraged employees to “let off steam,” according to the Mirror.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions prohibiting people from meeting others indoors for the majority of the pandemic, this was the case.

The newspaper reported that employees purchased a £142 drinks fridge to keep bottles cool in the office.

The Prime Minister’s Office did not deny the allegations, but pointed to the Sue Gray inquiry into Downing Street parties, stating that the findings would be released in due course.

“There is an ongoing investigation to establish the facts surrounding the nature of the gatherings, including attendance, setting, and purpose with reference to adherence to the guidance at the time,” a No10 spokesperson said.

“The results will be made public as soon as possible.”

The claim comes after it was revealed that a suitcase allegedly used to transport wine into a Downing Street party had been used for the same purpose since at least David Cameron’s time as Prime Minister.

The suitcase had been around Downing Street for years, according to a former No10 adviser.

“Every Friday evening is press office drinks,” they explained, “where people put money in and someone is nominated to get the booze.”

“Rather than clinking in with some carrier bags, the suitcase is the most convenient way of wheeling it all back.”

In April, the bag was allegedly used at a farewell party for James Slack, the prime minister’s former director of communications.

It was one of two events held at No10 the day before Prince Philip’s funeral, forcing the Queen to grieve alone.

A second party was planned for a departing employee.

Both groups came together later that night, on April 16, 2021, with around 30 employees allegedly drinking and dancing.

Drinks events were ‘weekly occurrence at Downing Street throughout pandemic’

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