TikTok facing bans around world over fears Chinese app is SPYING on you and passing secrets to Communist Party


TIKTOK is facing bans around the world over fears the Chinese made app is SPYING on users and passing secrets to the Communist Party.

The Australian government is already under pressure to outlaw the popular app amid concerns it poses a serious national security threat.

And one politician down under has told of moves to order TikTok before the powerful Foreign Interference through Social Media senate inquiry.

The unnamed MP cited fears the social media platform is collecting data and storing the information on Chinese servers.  

The claims come just days after India banned TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps over spying fears amid deadly clashes between the rival nuclear states.

The Australian politician said TikTok should be probed to see if it is part of a plot by the Chinese Communist Party to collect data.

“It might be dressed differently but it’s the same beast,” the MP told the Herald Sun.

According to the MP, many fellow politicians are pushing to have the app banned. 

Committee chair Senator Jenny McAllister said TikTok should appear before the senate inquiry to defend the allegations.

She said: “Part of the job of this Committee is to get all of those stakeholders in the room and create a forum where we can have a really good discussion about what are the boundaries, about what is and isn’t acceptable.”

Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyst Fergus Ryan claimed the app censored anti-Beijing opinions and had the capacity to feed data straight to China.

And he added there was “no question” the Chinese Communist Party had members operating within TikTok.

Liberal MP and chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee Andrew Hastie previously claimed the app was a security threat to Australia.

“China’s National Intelligence Law of 2017 means the Chinese Government can compel businesses to share information with them,” he told ABC in February.

“So, I doubt if our information is secure when it’s owned by Chinese companies.”

TikTok’s owner is mysterious Chinese tech titan Zhang Yiming.

He runs a company called ByteDance, which has earned him an estimated fortune of £9.96billion.

Last month we reported how TikTok had been accused of “spying” on Apple users along with a host of other popular apps.

Reports of this mass snooping started after a new beta iOS 14 feature was created to notify users whenever an app tries to access their clipboard.

Researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk found claimed to find 56 apps accessing data from clipboards for no apparent reason.


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