‘Time Paradox Ghostwriter’ Chapter 11 Delayed, New Release Date, Spoilers


An overworked Itsuki Aino vows to surpass her sensei Teppei Sasaki at Shueisha. However, in an attempt to churn out a better manga than “White Knight,” she stays up all night to meet the deadline. Certainly, it takes a toll on her body.

Will she be able to meet the deadline for her manga? Fans will have to wait a little longer as “Time Paradox Ghostwriter” Chapter 11 is not releasing Sunday, July 26.

The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is skipping an issue and the new “Time Paradox Ghostwriter” chapter is scheduled to release Sunday, Aug. 2.

This article contains spoilers.

Itsuki wants to create the finest manga that can entertain all of humanity, while Teppei attempts to beat her to save her life. The microwave time machine’s prophecy confirms the death of Itsuki, but there is a solution. Teppei must not let her “Anima” manga surpass the “White Knight.” Teppei’s sole mission is to keep writing “White Knight” to save Itsuki’s life.

“Time Paradox Ghostwriter” Chapter 10 revolves entirely around Itsuki and her backstory. The chapter opens with Itsuki remembering the day she met a mangaka in the park. She remembers the old man had all of the Weekly Shonen Jump issues going back to the first one.

She tells him that she too wants to be a mangaka one day. Itsuki announces that she wants to entertain everybody around the world.

Itsuki also remembers the day she never saw the man again and he left his entire collection of manga with a note for her.

Back to the present, she recalls her vow to aim higher and never settle in her career as a budding mangaka.

“On a cold and stormy night, I decide to give up on my dream. But lightning strikes! And now I have an issue of Shonen Jump from the future! Teppei Sasaki is a passionate rookie manga artist who dreams of getting a series in Weekly Shonen Jump. One day, he gets a copy of Jump from ten years in the future. Is it all a coincidence, or is it fate? Whatever the case, destiny is about to change… Time warps! Destinies intersected! For a tomorrow that was never meant to be! The future of Jump is here!” Manga Plus describes the manga.

Stay tuned for more “Time Paradox Ghostwriter” manga spoilers and updates.


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