TOMORROW, French fishermen will blockade the Channel Tunnel and the port of Calais in order to disrupt Christmas deliveries.


To disrupt Christmas deliveries, French fishermen will blockade the Channel Tunnel and the port of Calais TOMORROW.

Today [FRI], French fishermen will launch a blockade of the United Kingdom, causing havoc with Christmas deliveries.

In a dispute over access to UK waters, enraged skippers have threatened to close the Channel Tunnel and the port of Calais.

In talks over licenses, they accused Boris Johnson of having a “provocative, contemptuous, and humiliating attitude.”

Last night, No 10 warned Emmanuel Macron that he must ensure that his trawler crews do not “illegally” halt trade.

“We are disappointed by threats of protest activity,” said a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Of course, the French will have to ensure that no illegal actions are taken and that trade is not disrupted.”

The protest is a “warning shot” to Britain, according to Gerard Romiti, chairman of the National Maritime Fisheries Committee.

“This is our demonstration of professional fishermen’s quality and ability to mobilize,” he fumed.

“We don’t want handouts; all we want is our driver’s licenses back.”

There are far too many fishermen who are still in the dark.”

Skippers intend to launch a land-based armada by using vehicles to block roads and railway lines.

They’ll also use their boats to blockade the northern coast ports of Calais, Saint-Malo, and Ouistreham.

The protest, which is expected to last “a few hours,” is expected to cause chaos and result in long lines of lorries en route to the United Kingdom.

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