Tory REVOLUTION: How Boris Johnson masterminded DESTRUCTION of Labour’s red wall


BORIS JOHNSON convinced traditional Labour voters in the north east to switch allegiance to the Conservative Party during the election for one simple reason, the Mayor of Tees Valley has revealed.

The Prime Minister secured a huge victory for his party by winning 46 more Tory MPs than at the 2017 election. Meanwhile, the Labour Party suffered its worst result since 1935. Ben Houchen believes Mr Johnson managed reshape the political landscape in many working class towns by promising to “get Brexit done”, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed to wholly back the results of the 2016 EU referendum.

Mr Houchen told “What we have seen is nothing short of a political earthquake that has redrawn the political landscape – probably for a generation.

“For too long Labour politicians have taken Teesside and the North East for granted, with hard working local people feeling ignored, and not listened to – well not anymore. There’s no greater example of this than Brexit. The Labour Party betrayed the people of the Tees Valley by refusing to adhere to the referendum result and the people didn’t let them get away with it.

“We can now get on and deliver on the referendum mandate, overwhelmingly backed by people across Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool.

“The Prime Minister can now deliver on his promise to invest in our public services and key infrastructure here in Teesside and across the country.”

The Conservatives won five key constituencies in the north east.

This included ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s former Sedgefield seat.

Conservative Paul Howell beat Labour’s Phil Wilson by more than 4,500 votes.

In Redcar, Tory Jacob Young beat Labour’s Anna Turley a Labour-Conservative swing of 15.5 percent.

Over in Darlington, Peter Gibson also beat Labour’s shadow Brexit spokeswoman Jenny Chapman by 3,294 votes.

This seat had held by Labour since 1992.

He said his victory was due to “people wanting to see Brexit getting done”.

And Stockton South saw a huge Tory victory as Matt Vickers gained 27,764 votes, which was 5,000 votes more than Labour’s Paul Williams.

Mr Vickers said he would “drag money back to Teesside” from Westminster to improve public services.

Mr Houchen added a Conservative government will bring “billions of points to the local economy.

He said: “We now stand on the cusp of a new era for Britain, an era where we can stand tall once again and forge an independent trade policy as we look outwards to the rest of the world as Global Britain.

“Central to this will be the introduction of Free Ports, a policy that I’ve championed, and Boris has embraced.

“With the scale of today’s victory for the Conservatives now clear.

“I have already written to the Prime Minister and Chancellor to ask that a Free Port for Teesport is now prioritised.

“A Free Port for my region would be truly transformational – creating thousands of good quality, well-paid jobs and adding billions of pounds to the local economy and it would be a clear demonstration to those voters who have come over to the Conservative Party that we’re repaying their faith in us.”


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