Travel across land and water in James Bond-style aqua tricycle and see world in innovative new floating home


ADVENTURE lovers can sail the 007 seas in a James Bond-style aqua tricycle.

The electric-powered Z-Triton can travel across land and sea, like the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me.

It may not be as glam but the £8,000 prototype also has a kitchen and space to sleep two.

Designer Aigars Lauzis, came up with the eccentric vehicle after spending four years travelling from London to Tokyo on his bike.

He says the floating home would be perfect for weekends away in the wild and expeditions around the world.

The ‘house’ part of the bright blue creation has a kitchen, lights, a fan and a charging station.

The kitchen has a folding table and integrated interior for storage.

Once the seats are removed the interior space becomes a bedroom and can sleep two adults.

The vehicle is equipped with an electric boat engine powered by two 250-watt electric motor hubs and a solar panel.

The body of the house and boat is made from plywood and fibreglass.

To switch the Z-Triton from bike to boat users need to relax the rear wheels to give room for floats on either side.

A spokesman for the company behind the product, Zeltini, said: “The camper has room for two people to sleep comfortably, allowing for both long adventures and quick getaways into nature.

“The tiny amphibious e-bicycle camper has been tested, performs well and is fun to ride and drive both in winter and summer conditions.”

The bike is still at the prototype stage but the team hope to make it available to the public some time next year.

Buyers will be able to select either a ready made version or a DIY version.

The control panel of the Z-Triton

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