Travellers invade Prince Charles’ ‘model town’ of Poundbury in Dorset and set up camp


TRAVELLERS who invaded Prince Charles’ model village departed yesterday – to the delight of residents.

Up to 20 caravans were encamped on the Duchy of Cornwall- owned Great Field in Poundbury in Dorset.

They were ordered by the authorities to leave the experimental community. As a convoy of cars and caravans left, one traveller sarcastically said to a group of elderly residents: “Have a nice day.”

A van-load of garden waste plus other garbage was left behind.

Pictures from the idealistic town thought-up by Prince Charles show cars and caravans parked on a large bit of grass, near some of the uniform houses.

Yesterday afternoon a truck full of garden waste drove into the middle of the field.

Ron Hewitt, 86, a retired manager, said previous travellers left human waste, adding: “It was disgraceful.”

Local Deborah Balmer, 62, an office manager, said: “I would not have a problem with travellers staying here if they didn’t leave a mess.

“If it didn’t happen I’m sure they would be a lot more welcome.”

The new town was created by the royal in the early 1990s, who wanted to build an eco-friendly town with impressive architecture.

A spokesman for the Duchy of Cornwall told the Dorset Echo: “The Duchy of Cornwall has spoken to a number of the individuals that arrived on the Great Field at Poundbury yesterday.

“The Duchy has informed them that the land is private and that they are required to vacate the land.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “Dorset Police received a number of reports on the evening of Monday July 6 in relation to a group of travellers at the Great Field in Poundbury.

“Officers have attended and have been liaising with the landowners, the local authority and the group. We continue to provide an increased police presence in the area for community reassurance.”

A spokesman for Dorset Council – which has a Gypsy and traveller Liaison team – said: “The encampment at Great Field at Poundbury is on Duchy of Cornwall land, the Duchy Estate is aware and are managing the situation.

“We do not know where they were living previously.”

Prince Charles wanted to make his town as a mix of private and affordable housing, with a town full of boutique shops, businesses, a school and medical centre.

Using a design created by master planner Leon Krier, the Duchy of Cornwall began construction on Poundbury in 1993.

Due for completion in 2025, it is expected to house a population of 6,000. Poundbury currently provides employment for over 2,000 people in over 180 businesses.


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