Tunisia’s new PM designate says intends to form gov’t of “independent competencies”


TUNIS, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — Tunisia’s new Prime Minister designate Hichem Mechichi announced Monday that the current situation in the country requires a government of independent national powers to tackle the economic crisis.

At a press conference, Mechichi said that the current situation “necessitates the formation of a government of social and economic achievement that offers urgent solutions without being a hostage to the political tensions and able to work in harmony.”

He added that the government would work to end the “haemorrhaging” of public finances, preserve the achievements of the public sector, and boost investments and purchasing power.

Mechichi stressed that “the lack of political stability is the main cause of the current crisis in the country.”

According to the Tunisian constitution, the new prime minister designate has one month (starting from July 26) to form a government and present it to the parliament in order to gain confidence by a majority out of 217 possible votes. Enditem


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