Turkey: ‘Atlas Defence’ blocks flu, cold viruses



Invamed, a manufacturer of medical devices, has launched a product named Atlas Defence, which prevents viruses that cause flu and cold from starting the disease, announced the firm on Saturday.

According to Invamed’s statement, Atlas Defence, available both in Turkey and across the world, removes flu and cold viruses from the body by preventing their spread and development through its micro-gel triple action mechanism.

Atlas Defence, an effective nasal spray that can block viruses that would enter the body when symptoms of respiratory diseases such as cold begin, stands out especially during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viruses cling to cells at the back of the nose through surface receptors and begin to invade cells. Atlas Defence, in the first stage, traps viruses that cause cold, preventing them from damaging the body’s cells, neutralizing and eliminating viruses in the body.

The product can provide protection even during the initial signs of the disease and is easily available to everyone.

Atlas Defence also prevents the spread of viruses from the upper respiratory tract.

Provides ease, refreshment in breathing from 1st use

The spray gives the expected effect starting from the first use and provides ease and refreshment in breathing.

It can be particularly useful in crowded areas such as aircraft or classrooms.

Regular application of the spray can significantly reduce the transmission of diseases.

The spray works in two main ways. First, it catches the virus in the nose and remains there, either while blowing the nose or swallowing, where it can eliminate it.

Secondly, since the virus is encapsulated in the viscous coating of the spray, it is prevented from entering the body.

This means that it will reduce the viral load in the body, but even if the virus particles pass through a sneeze or cough to another person, that person is less likely to be infected by active virus particles.

“Products like this do not replace existing measures such as mask-wearing and hand washing, which are vital to preventing the spread of viruses,” the officials added.

“However, what this spray will do is to add a second layer of protection to prevent and slow down the virus transmission,” they said.

* Writing by Merve Berker in Ankara.


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