Two-bed house on sale for £55K in Leeds may be UK’s messiest home with mountains of rubbish and paper peeling off walls


A THREE-STOREY home has gone on the market for just £55,000 – but there’s a nasty surprise in store for the buyer, as the property could be the UK’s messiest.

The two-bed property is in a terrible state, with rubbish stacked high in many of the rooms and wallpaper peeling from the walls.

The home in Harehills, Leeds appears to have been neglected for years, with huge cobwebs stretching across the wall of one of the bedrooms.

The building features a spacious ground floor with a kitchen and living room, and bedrooms on the first and second floor, but the entire home is in desperate need of TLC.

Wallpaper and tiles have been ripped off walls while floors are covered with rubbish.

Both bedrooms are wrecked and covered in debris.

One bed is piled high with clothing, while overflowing cardboard boxes stand on the floor.

The second room is in an even worse state, with ceilings sagging, paper torn from walls and thick cobwebs clinging to the walls above the bed.

A downstairs room with a washing machine inside is piled high with junk, including plastic bags, styrofoam, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

Inside the bathroom, further horrors await – including a stained toilet and filthy bath.

The living room carpet is soiled and dirty, with plastic wrapping and junk dumped inside.

But while the house is far from being the perfect first home, it might appeal for someone looking for a refurbishment project.

The property went on the market months after the owner of a £150,000 home in Chatham, Kent, was mocked by would-be buyers for the mess left inside by owners.

Estate agents were forced to share photos of overflowing bins, a weed-choked garden, dirty tiles and even a cat food bowl by the cooker.

One shocked person said on Facebook: “Wow. They made a real effort.”

Another added: “Who would take a photo of that and upload it? No shame.”

And last year, the sheepish owners of the country’s messiest bedrooms shared photos of floors piled high with pizza boxes and floors strewn with dirty clothes.


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