UK Prime Minister Says England/Scotland Border Does Not Exist


Boris Johnson’s transformation in a Trumpian figure of lies and ridicule continues apace, with the UK prime minister standing up in parliament yesterday and declaring that “There is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland.”

Johnson was speaking in reply to a softball question from one of his own team, who was asking about the potential for Scotland to quarantine English arrivals, should coronavirus infections start to rocket south of the… border. Johnson said it was “shameful” for Scottish politicians to speculate about such a move, adding that there have been “no such discussions with the Scottish administration” and then saying the border is… pretend.

Poor old Scotland first minister Nicola Sturgeon was therefore forced once again to deal with Johnson’s shit and wipe his bottom for him in public, and explained very politely that there is indeed a line between the two counties, legally speaking and on numerous maps, adding that she wouldn’t be welcome rolling up in Newcastle in a blue bus and attempting to enforce Scottish legislation on the people she considers southern. [Herald]

Image credit: Wikimedia


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