UK Sort of Cheats to 18-Day Coal-Free Electricity Record


Our laptops being on at home a bit more than usual is not balancing out the drop in power demand caused by the shutdown of the country’s schools and offices, funnily enough, as power need is so low that we’ve hit another coal-off generation milestone.

The National Grid says we’ve gone around 18 and a half days without the backup coal burners being riddled into life by that old bloke who smells of smoke, thanks to a combination of sunny weather, everything being more efficient than it was, and 80 per cent of everything else being switched off. Still, a record’s a record, even if this one’s assisted in a small way by the small one-off tailwind of a global pandemic.

If you are excited about this you probably already have the Grid’s Carbon Intensity app on your smart device, because that lets us see the makeup of the UK’s power generation mix via a feed of real time information from the generators. It’s probably cheap to put the washing machine on in the day now, for example, seeing as the factories aren’t using as much. [National Grid]


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