UK weather forecast: Horror 70mph winds to batter Britain amid icy snow blast – Met Office


SNOW is set to hit Britain ahead of Christmas with the Met Office issuing warnings for 70mph winds.

Britain is set to face a week of “unsettled and unpredictable” weather where the country could see snow fall as well as 70mph winds smash its isles. A week of unstable weather is what the UK can look forward to according to the Met Office, which explains it has had trouble making accurate forecasts due to the changeable nature of the weather.

It said running weather models just hours apart can make a “big difference” to the forecast.

However, despite the unruly forecasts, it has issued weather warnings for the west of the UK starting on Wednesday and reaching into Thursday.

Here, gals of up to 80mph are expected to cause disruption.

First, though, is a yellow weather warning for snow and ice in place for parts of the Scottish Highlands.

Here, the Met office has warned that icy patches are expected to develop whilst snow becomes increasingly confined to hills and mountains.

The warning states that people should expect injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces, with some icy patches on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths – people being urged to take extra care when travelling via these routes.

Some roads and railways will likely be affected with car and train journey times severely delayed.

Moving into Wednesday, swathes of the west of the UK are set to be battered by strong winds, with another yellow weather warning in place.

This time much of Wales, the south west and northern Ireland are set to be affected by the adverse weather conditions.

Coastal communities are likely to be most severely affected, with spray and large waves smashing up onto land, with a small risk of surface flooding around south an southeast facing coastlines.

Power outages are also likely, with some areas – especially those that are inaccessible – possibly losing power and other services as a result of the strong gales.

Thursday’s yellow weather warning is much the same as Wednesday, with large parts of Wales, the south west of England and northern Ireland exposed to the elements.

Meanwhile, snow has fallen on parts of the northeast, with the potential for more to fall across the area and its surroundings during the course of the week.

Talking to The Independent, Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge explained the severity in which the unsettled weather was about to hit the UK.

He said: “We are currently entering a period of extremely unsettled weather where computer models and forecasters are disagreeing with each other. At the moment, running a model just six or 12 hours after the last one makes a big difference.

“Looking into the week, it is going to be windy and wet with snow reaching parts of Scotland, Cumbria and Northumbria and westerly winds bringing in rain and possible sleet.

“There will be an unsettled couple of days coming up but tomorrow will see quite dry conditions, except for Scotland which could see some snow, but only in mountain regions.

“A band of rain will push into southeast England Tuesday evening, which will fall for 24 hours from midday Tuesday. The southeast can expect 25mm of rain, especially in Kent. Tuesday is going to be grey and damp with a cloudy start.”

Although forecasters aren’t entirely sure with the forecast, they have largely agreed that the weather will become more erratic from Wednesday onwards.

Mr Partridge continued: “It is going to be a period of unsettled weather. On Wednesday morning it will be freezing and foggy but in the evening it will be mild and rainy.

“There are wind warnings in force for Wednesday for the west of the country stretching from Northern Ireland, parts of western Scotland, western Wales and the southwest of England, from around 2pm Wednesday until 3am Thursday.

“People can expect gusts of around 60-70mph, especially in coastal areas which are unsheltered. The wind is also likely to bring in a band of rain across the UK.

“The unsettled weather is expected to continue into Friday and even Saturday too.”

He explained that the weather is too “unpredictable” at this point in time to predict whether the UK would enjoy a white Christmas this year.

The odds, however unpredictable they may be, have been slashed twice by Ladbrokes in the last week.


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