UKTV Hears You and is Restating the Problematic Fawlty Towers Episode


Bald men in clever t-shirts that say “FCUK” on them will be pleased to hear that UKTV has performed an about face and is returning the controversial episode of Fawlty Towers to its catch-up service, albeit behind a moral firewall of context that explains using the n-word for comedy is not OK (beat) nowadays.

It sounds like UKTV won’t be joining some broadcasters in editing out the Major’s insulting rant, as it’ll instead add some pre-roll waffle to explain why old white people are more likely to be racist. The broadcaster explained: “…we recognise that more contextual information can be required on our archive comedy, so we will be adding extra guidance and warnings to the front of programmes to highlight potentially offensive content and language.”

It’ll take a few days for everyone to agree on a suitably patronising bit of text and get the episode back online, and then white people will be happy once again that their rights to watch whatever they want are not being curtailed by PC liberals. Even John Cleese, who says he’s not angry and that the Germans loved the episode, might cheer up. [BBC]


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