Unlucky plumber goes viral after he trips over plant pot and crashes into flowerbed


AN UNLUCKY plumber’s home call has leaked on line – after he trod on a plant pot and crashed into a flowerbed.

Ricky Cooper’s fall, captured by the home owner’s doorbell cam, has now been viewed more than a million times after going viral.

The 42-year-old from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, turned up at the address to collect payment for an emergency job

It shows him walking up to the door, knocking and ringing the bell , before taking a step backwards.

But as he does so, one foot lands on the rim of a plant pot making him lose his balance.

Rickey reaches to grab a windowsill as he falls.

He can’t stop himself tripping over a low wall and ending up on his back in a flowerbed with legs in the air.

He is heard groaning before he sits on the wall to examine the damage to his foot.

Just then the stunned homeowners answer the door and see Ricky still on the floor.

They ask if he is ok and he tells them that he smashed his head against their wall.

He suffered minor cuts and bruising.

Ricky said after : “I was dropping off keys after doing an emergency plumbing job and picking up a cheque as well.

“I was a little bruised and aching the next day but I will heal.”

Ricky saw the funny side and asked for the footage so he could upload it on social media.

He labelled it: “I had a little oops today at work. The reaction to it has been crazy.

“I thought 5000 by the end of the day if that and just hit a million, it’s blown my mind it really has.”

One fan of the footage said “I’ve watched this like 400 times hahaha.”

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