US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is pushing for more stimulus checks and Trump is demanding payroll tax cut


US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is pushing for more stimulus checks and President Donald Trump is reportedly demanding payroll tax cut.

The reported updates on a second coronavirus check came as another stimulus package is up for debate in the Senate.

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino reported that the news network found there was “civil war” in the White House between Mnuchin and White House trade adviser Larry Kudlow.

The treasury secretary is pushing for stimulus checks going directly into the pockets of Americans, and favoring extending unemployment benefits, Fox Business reported.

Kudlow, meanwhile, is encouraging a cut in payroll taxes.

Multiple sources told The Washington Post that the White House is insisting a payroll tax cut be part of the next stimulus package.

White House spokesman Judd Deere told The Post that one way Trump wants to provide relief for Americans is through a “payroll tax holiday.”

“He’s called on Congress to pass this before and he believes it must be part of any phase four package,” Deere said.

White House economic adviser Stephen Moore also confirmed in an interview that White House officials told him Trump “will not sign [the package]if it does not include a payroll tax cut.”

Three separate sources also told Politico that Trump has signaled he will not sign the package without a payroll tax cut.

The reported fight over how the package would look came as the Senate is still debating a package themselves.

In May, the $3trillion HEROES Act was passed in the House.

As the package is now in the hands of the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said she would delay an upcoming recess to ensure it is passed.

Congress has been on a two-week recess, and heads back into session on Monday, July 20.

Lawmakers will meet until they head into another recess beginning August 10.

Mnuchin said last week when speaking with CNBC that getting checks passed would be a priority for the next 10 days – by July 20.

We’re discussing the criteria with the Senate, and had a productive talk with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,” Mnuchin said.

President Donald Trump himself said he wants people to be getting a “larger” amount of money in an interview with Fox Business.

If passed, each individual in a family could receive $1,200 – with a cap of $6,000 per family.


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