Venezuela roza 3,000 infections and now has 25 deaths per covid-19


The total number of infections rose to 2.978 in the country. He died a woman in Falcón, of 73 years . He had contact with the traders in the market Fleas.

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08:40 PM / 14/06/2020

The balance of the covid-19 for this Sunday, June 14, in the words of the vice-sectoral Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, indicates that “there are 4 new cases of coronavirus in Venezuela for community transmission and 70 imported”.

Reported the national number of hiv infections reached 2.978.

He explained that imported cases 50 come from Colombia and 9 from Brazil, while 11 are cases by contact with a foreign traveler. Of these, 10 are cases detected in the town pemón, overwhelmed by the illegal crossing of venezuelans to the country.

On contagion, community added that three are from the Capital District and one of the state Trujillo. The first three are asymptomatic and the entity, andina presents an insufficient respiratory mild.

The senior official gave account, also, of a new death. It happened in Falcón, where the victim was a merchant of 73 years. His case had been informed, on the night of Saturday, 13-J, by the president Nicolas Maduro.

Rodriguez added that the woman was diabetic, hypertensive and cardiópata. It is believed he caught the disease by having contact in your state with the traders in the market Fleas, Maracaibo. He explained that the past may 30, presented with fever and cough and on June 7 had bilateral pneumonia.

This is the death number 25 for coronavirus in the venezuelan territory.

On the 4 cases of community transmission he noted that three were from the District Capital and one of the state Trujillo.

The also minister for Communication and Information said that the 2.118 active cases, a total of 1.784 are asymptomatic, 325 presented acute respiratory failure mild, 5 acute respiratory failure moderately and 4 are in critical condition presenting acute respiratory failure, severe and being held in intensive care units.

He added that since the installation of Point-of-Care Comprehensive Social (Pasi) have entered the country 59.004 venezuelans, of which 1.981 are positive to the covid-19.

Method 7+7

Of face to the new day job, which restarts tomorrow under the scheme 7+7, Jorge Rodriguez urged the population to maintain measures of prevention on a permanent basis.

“It is imperative for the use of the face mask during the new day of relaxation that begins this Monday, June 15”.

“You must avoid any form of agglomeration” in the shops which they provide their services to the people in the framework of the plan of easing 7+7″, added the vice-president of sector.

Detail of the cases registered community in the last 24 hours:

Woman of 31 years, a resident of the parish Sucre, sector Black Cat of the municipality Libertador of the Capital District. Occupation nurse. Is asymptomatic and receiving treatment free of charge.

36-year old man, of the parish Sucre, sector Ciudad Caribia, Libertador municipality of the Capital District. Is asymptomatic and receiving treatment free of charge.

Woman of 66 years old, of the parish Playground, in the municipality Libertador of the Capital District. Worker featured in a module of Barrio Adentro. Is asymptomatic and receiving treatment free of charge.

Woman of 35 years old, lives in the municipality of Urdaneta in the state of Trujillo. Presented an acute respiratory failure mild.



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