Victim’s fury after paedo, 22, who duped her into sex aged 13 is freed by judge who says he’ll live ‘law abiding life’



A WOMAN duped into having sex with a paedophile when she was 13 has spoken of her anger after he avoided jail.

Michael Thornton admitted abusing Jenny Yoksha but a judge said he “will continue to live a decent, law-abiding life” and spared him prison – despite previous sex offences.

Firefighter Thornton was 22 and but he told her he was 16 after she accepted a Facebook invitation from him.

Jenny, who’s now 24, has waived her right to anonymity after being disgusted at what she says is Thornton’s lenient sentence.

“It’s a joke. He should have gone to jail. He’s a paedophile. He groomed me online at 13,” she told the MailOnline.

“He targeted me with the intention of taking my virginity.”

She said they met after she was listening to music and a message popped up on her computer saying: “You’re beautiful.”

I had been groomed online by a pervert who targeted me because I was so innocent

Jenny said she was “flattered” by the attention as he looked nice in his profile picture and as they lived not too far away from each other in Manchester, agreed to meet up.

“He made me feel special. It made me feel grown up although I was incredibly young and naive,” she said.

“He sent me a photo of an engagement ring, told me he loved me and then he invited me round to his house and eventually I agreed. I was smitten.”

Jenny said she went around to his house and they had sex in his bedroom, then later they had sex a second time, when she was wearing her school uniform.

She didn’t think about Thornton until she discussed losing their virginity with colleagues, who were shocked by her story.

That prompted her to look him up and she then realised his true age and also found a court report about his tconvictions for having sex with two girls under the age of 16 in 2011.

Jenny said she was “really upset” and contacted the police, who interviewed Thornton last year.

“I hadn’t lost my virginity to a silly teenage boy – I had been groomed online by a pervert who targeted me because I was so innocent.”

“I thought I was talking to Mikee, a teenage boy who I fell in love with.”

The now 32-year-old Thornton, of Wakefield, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child.

But it came to sentencing in June Judge Mark Savill told the father-of-three: “Rarely can I say this, I am fully satisfied that you will continue to live a decent, law-abiding life.”

A furious Jenny slammed the sentence saying: “He’s been allowed to live out his schoolgirl fantasy.

“He’s sick. That guy stole my innocence and he should be punished for that. This is a joke not justice.”


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