Villager rescues Asian black bear cubs in northwest China


LANZHOU, June 15 (Xinhua) — A villager in northwest China’s Gansu Province has rescued two Asian black bear cubs abandoned by their mother.

Wang Yi from Liuyuan Village, Wenxian County, spotted the cubs on May 25, on his way up the mountain to do some farm work. He took them home and fed them with powdered milk for more than half a month before sending them to a wildlife rescue center in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve.

The mother bear may have abandoned her cubs because she was sick or scared, said He Liwen from the reserve.

The two cubs are now being fed on milk powder every three hours by professionals in the reserve. They will eventually be released back into the wild, following some training on how to fend for themselves.

Located in the southern part of Gansu, the reserve is home to many rare animal species, including giant pandas and golden snub-nosed monkeys. So far, the reserve has rescued more than 150 wild animals. Enditem


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