Virginia Giuffre is likely to seek ‘victory’ in the sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew, according to her lawyer.


Virginia Giuffre is likely to seek ‘victory’ in the sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew, according to her lawyer.

“A purely financial statement is not something Virginia is interested in,” Ms Giuffre’s lawyer says.

According to Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer, she will not settle her sexual assault case against Prince Andrew unless he makes a public apology to her and “validates” her claims against him.

The news comes after a New York judge refused to dismiss the case on Wednesday, despite a 2009 settlement agreement between convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Ms Giuffre.

Ms Giuffre plans to go to trial in the autumn if the Duke of York refuses to apologise, which many may interpret as an admission of guilt. Money is not believed to be a driving factor in any settlement.

The demand for an apology comes ahead of the Duke’s next move, which is expected to be another attempt to have Judge Lewis Kaplan dismiss the case against him.

Ms Giuffre has been asked by Prince Andrew’s lawyers to produce proof of her domestic arrangements, despite her claim that she is not a US resident.

A deadline of Friday has been set for her to submit the evidence.

One of the parties involved in a federal lawsuit must live in the United States.

Ms Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boies, said of the possibility of a settlement, “It’s very important to Virginia that this matter is resolved in a way that vindicates her, and the other victims of Jeffrey Epstein.”

“I think what’s going to matter is that this resolution backs up her claim.”

Virginia isn’t interested in a purely financial statement.”

Despite Mr Brettler’s plans to challenge in another attempt by the Duke to have the case dismissed, Mr Boies is confident Ms Giuffre will be able to prove her right to have the case heard in the United States.

Ms Giuffre has lived and raised a family in Australia for the past 19 years, but Mr Boies will argue that she only needs to show she intends to return to the United States, where she is still a citizen, to establish her domicile.

Mr. Boies also expressed concern that the case’s high-profile nature might draw attention away from the core allegations.

“I believe that there is a risk of losing sight in any legal case.”

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Virginia Giuffre likely to want ‘vindication’ for Prince Andrew sexual assault claims, lawyer says

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